Fireballs India

With awesome benefits and easy to access rewards, the Fireballs Club is probably the best bowling loyalty program around.
Joining is FREE and super easy! Just fill in your details below and we'll send you a welcome email with all the details of how you can make the most of the Fireballs Club.

Standard Bowling

This is standard pricing model that Fireballs offers to its esteemed clients. The Standard model comes into play when no special offers are available. The starting price for this is Rs. per game per adult. (Customers will have to pay extra for shoe hire)

Bowling at Dark

We at Fireballs also take care of those individuals who come out to play when the lights go down. Check out this awesome offer, 2 games of bowling for only Rs. per person! (Customers will have to pay extra for shoe hire). The offer is valid from Friday to Saturday from 9 pm to 3 am.

Triple Play

Not satisfied with singe game then we have more to offer. Triple the fun and play three games of bowling for a convenient price of only Rs. per person.

Sunset Unlimited

Don't worry if you are still not satisfied as we have something big to offer you with our Sunset Unlimited Plan where our esteemed customers can enjoy unlimited bowling ecstasy without having to bother about distraction from sleeping neighbors and security personnel. The offer is valid from...

Laser Bowling

Well, you are a kind of fun-loving person and want something thrilling in your enjoyment then Laser Bowling is something that could appeal to you. At Fireballs you can enjoy Laser Bowling with its full ecstasy.
Laser Bowling is more or less similar to ‘Open Lane Bowling,’ but with lights...